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Ivoi Lovarda - Ivo Riding Hall

Why visit the region of Hargita Mountains?

The Harghita Mountains (in Hungarian Hargita, in Romanian Munții Harghita) is a volcanic mountain range of the Căliman-Harghita Mountains in Harghita County of Transylvania, Romania, part of the Inner Eastern Carpathians.The range is about 80 kilometers long and 20 kilometers wide, and is the largest andesite mass” and the largest volcanic body in the whole of Europe. Its tallest peak is Hargita (Madarasi Hargita, 1801 metres). The Harghita Mountains are an important tourist attraction due to their beautiful landscape, challenging mountaineering routes and its rich flora and fauna.You can’t help but smile as you walk in early summer through the grass-growing valleys of Ivo. They ooze a kind of sweet-smelling well-being, largely because these valleys in the Carpathian Mountains in the center of Romania contain one of the great treasures of the cultivated world: some of the richest and most botanically diverse hay meadows in Europe. You can find up to 50 different species of grass and flowers growing there in a single square yard of meadow, and even more within reach as you sit down among them. Go for a walk, and you’ll find the flowers crowding around your feet. Practically no chemical sprays and no artificial fertilizers, mean the hillsides are purple with meadow salvia and pink with sainfoin.Besides its rich flora our region is known for the large bear, wolf, wild boar and deer population. The nature intact by human hand, provides these species an ideal place to live. In the small villages you can pass by ancient churches many of them built in the 12th century, observe the traditional lifestyle of local people, taste traditional cuisine famous of the hand crafted ingredients. On our riding tours we explore the wonders of this region step by step on horseback. We visit the small waterfalls, the ancient villages, gallop through the flowered valleys, on midday we relax in the cool shadow of the forests. Come and discover with us this hidden beauty of Europe..